SportsTrainer offers personal training at yourhome for those busy bees out there. We understand that your schedule can be super busy at times and sometimes your work prevents you from going to the gym. SportsTrainer has the perfect solution for you! SportsTrainer offers personal training for you, right at the comfort of your own home. Our team of professional trainers will come straight to your home and bring you the same quality of personal training that you could get in a gym. We provide services for in-house personal trainings for you busy bees!

Although you won’t get to use the complete set of equipment that you will get to use in our gym, our personal trainers will bring the essentials that you need to get the same results you will get in our gym. They come bringing in the proper knowledge and the latest technologies and equipment needed to bring outstanding results in the most effective ways. Working at your home, won’t be the same as a normal workout in a gym. However, our team of personal trainers will work with what you have at your home and provide creative solutions to get you the results you desire, wherever you are.

Our team of personal trainers will come to your home fully-prepared, in which they will come and bring the equipment required to help you get outstanding results. We guarantee that our personal trainers will come on time as requested and will surely keep you informed if anything occurs. Our team of personal trainers are licensed trainers that is determined to deliver outstanding results by giving the best training you can get in New Zealand, even if it is at your home. Wherever you are in New Zealand, we are ready to train you!


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